Global Delicatessen

Global Delicatessen offers traditional European style hams, bacon, sausages and smallgoods. As a HACCP-certified company, it places a great deal of importance on both product quality and on the continued improvement of the company’s standards.

Whilst Global Delicatessen does possess all the modern processing equipment needed to produce quality smallgoods, Rob and Nicole feel it is important to also embrace the traditional methods of making smallgoods. Global Delicatessen's skilled tradesmen treat each product in a way that makes them feel proud to put their name on it. All the raw materials that come to the premises are graded and treated in a manner that ensures they are making a product to Global Delicatessen’s high standards and not simply to a price. Consequently, customers can be assured that their products will meet the premium quality they have come to expect from Global Delicatessen.

Stall Number
W01-02 (Meat, Fish & Deli Hall)

Rob & Nicole Brand

(p) 0433 224 491

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