Delicious Mauritius

A tropical mélange of French, Creole, Chinese and Indian, Delicious Mauritius brings Mauritian street food to Dandenong Market, a new and exciting addition to our world of taste sensations in The Pantry.

The man behind Delicious Mauritius is Girish Ramjuttun, who created a natural fusion from the best of each cuisine to rise to the top and form the basis of his delicious Mauritian food.

Known for one of the best and most authentic Dal Puris in Melbourne, this popular Mauritian street food is something you have to try! The Dal Puris is a vegetarian food mainly consisting of a savoury pancake filled with ground powdery yellow split peas and rolled in a pair with butter beans curry, rougaille (a Mauritian tomato sauce), coriander chutney and if you like it hot, a dash of chilli.

People also love Delicious Mauritius’s biryanis, both the chicken and the meat ones are mouth-wateringly good. They are cooked on site and served fresh every day, try a Biryani or Dal Puri on your next visit.

Stall Number
P07 (The Pantry)

Girish Ramjuttun

(p) 0450 059 993


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