Dandee Donuts

Best hot jam donuts in Melbourne!

One of Dandenong Market's most popular and iconic stalls, Dandee Donuts draws people from all over Melbourne and Australia with a strong and loyal following. Dandee Donuts has been managed by the Bell family for over 50 years.

The secret to Dandee Donuts' huge popularity is that they are freshly made, cooked in store (or should we say, in van?) and on demand, unlike many popular donut brands which use frozen ingredients and cooked off-site. Dandee Donuts are also dairy free, egg free and have no additives (other than in the jam) with yeast donut that are twice raised, giving them their fluffy lightness. All of Dandee Donuts ingredients are Australian grown, with the original recipe developed in the 1950s.

Stall Number
VN01 (Market Square)

Susan Bell

(p) 03 9796 5249
(m) 0490 029 696 (on site)
(e) info@dandeedonuts.com.au
(w) dandeedonuts.com.au
Facebook: Facebook.com/dandeedonutsmelb
Instagram: @dandeedonutsmelb


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