CKN Computers

Known for resolving any computer problem from software to hardware issues, meet Peter Nguyen from CKN Computers.

With a loyal customer base, Peter's CKN Computer market stall can help with all computer problems from laptops, desktop PCs to Iphones, Ipads, Macbooks and game consoles: cracked screens, dead motherboards, virus removal, windows and software installation and configuration or lost data recovery.

CKN Computers also sell refurbished laptops, including Apple Macbooks, and supply a good range of computer accessories. Peter can build a wide range of PC systems from basic home PCs, to office systems or even high-end hard-core gaming systems.

The extensive knowledge and expertise Peter and his CMK Computers employees are able to provide lead him to believe CKN Computers deliver the best quality services and repairs at Dandenong Market and the surrounding area.

All of CKN Computers repairs are done by Peter and his experienced staff, they never out source to third party, which means their repairs are more cost effective and the turnaround time is much shorter compared to many other computer shops. In fact, CKN Computers provide repairs to a number of computer shops around Melbourne and Geelong. Many of CKN Computer services are done on the same day while customers shop around the market. For these reasons, many customers have their computers or devices repaired by CKN Computers rather than claiming the warranty with manufacturers.

Stall Number
J08-09 (The Bazaar)

Peter Nguyen

(p) 0411 811 665

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