Airbrush Planet

Airbrush Planet is completely unique to Dandneong Market, with no other retailers offering custom airbrushed tees and caps in Victoria.

Customers can customise Airbrush Planet designs with their own names and favorite colours or provide their own designs and watch as the talented artists airbrush the creations. All Airbrush Plantet designs are hand painted.

Alana Kennedy, a talented artist and designer, started Airbrush Planet in 2011 when she was 22 years old with the support of her family and friends.

Earlier this year Fox FM contacted Alana to collaborate with a promotion for RnB Fridays where she offered free graffiti caps to listeners. This was a massive hit and provided a great promotion for Airbrush Planet and the Dandenong Market, It was so successful Airbrush Planet followed it up again a few months later.

Visit Airbrush Planet for custom Airbrushed Tees, Caps Hoodies and More!! Starting from $15.00

Airbrush Planet creates unique handpainted products direct from its stalls range that include caps, tees, birthday party and sports teams banners, temporary tattoos, face and body painting and affordable airbrush portraits, creating awesome personalised t-shirts, caps and for all ages.

Stall Number
J05-06  (The Bazaar)

Alana Kennedy

(p) 0434 495 191

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