Quality Plants

Quality Plants has a large variety of indoor and outdoor plants including fruit trees, seasonal flowering plants, roses, orchids, seedlings, climbers, herbs, curry leaves, English box and more.

Quality Plants offer great prices on specialist plants such as bare-rooted trees (available in July and August), flowering orchids (available July through to September) and seedlings (from September through to November).

The great variety of seasonal plants and seedlings at Quality Plants always draws big crowds and they often selling out of the fresh stock by the end of market day.

All Quality Plants are extremely well priced and always of the highest quality.

Christmas is one of their busiest times of the year being well known for his superb supply of fresh Christmas trees and beautiful tree and Poinsettias.

Stall number
Q02  (Market Square) and
X06 (back of lift well)

Anant Patel

(p) 0430 090 620

Market Map