Dandenong Market Specials

Market specials available until Tuesday 22 August (prices of fruit and veg may vary throughout the week).
Bamboo shoots: $1.99 a kilo

Used in numerous Asian dishes, bamboo shoots pair well with chicken or tuna and are often used to fill dumplings or spring rolls. Bamboo shoots should not be eaten raw as they can be hard to digest and bitter in taste. When preparing make sure you peel the other leaves and remove any tough flesh.

From Qandi Fresh (ST7, Fruit and Veg)

Celeriac: $3.49 each

Just because it looks weird doesn’t mean it’s not good for you. Look past the knotty, hairy exterior and you’ll find a root veggie that tastes like celery with a slightly nutty taste. It's a classic comfort food in Europe as the flesh is sweet when roasted and whips into a velvety mash. Perfect on a cold winters night.

From Qandi Fresh (ST7, Fruit and Veg)

Lemons: $3.99 a kilo

Did you know that lemons originated in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, and have worked their way up through the ranks to become a kitchen essential all over the world? Although very tart, this citrus fruit combines beautifully with all manner of ingredients and their zest or juice can be used to add a delicious tang to everything from juices and dips to desserts and savoury dishes.

From Qandi Fresh (ST7, Fruit and Veg)

Small Imperial mandarins: 99 cents a kilo

These delightful small imperial mandarins are just too cute. Great for the kid’s lunchboxes or to throw in the handbag when the hunger pangs strike. Who says good things don’t come in small packages?

From 5 Rivers Fresh Fruit and Veg (S03, Fruit and Veg)

Banana's: 99 cents a kilo

Did you know that bananas are great to freeze for smoothies!! Just peel them, place in airtight container and freeze.

From Luppino Fresh (ST01, Fruit and Veg)

Red Gem potatoes 4kg bag: $2 each

Did you know that the red potato was first cultivated in Peru? It was naturalized in the Old World via Spanish sailors bringing the potato with them on returning voyages to Europe.

From Luppino Fresh (ST01, Fruit and Veg)

Salty duck eggs: $2 each

Salted duck eggs are an Asian delicacy. Aged in brine which makes the yolks turn oily and slightly salty, the yolk is often placed in mooncakes, used for glutinous rice cakes, or eaten with congee for breakfast.

From Triple Q Farm Pty, Ltd (V06, Fruit and Veg)

Polish Chicken Country style sausage: $27.90 a kilo

With an intense smokiness and garlicky flavour, this delicious Polish County style sausage can be served as a snack or appetizer.

From Batory Continental Deli (W06, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Honeycomb: $10

Honeycomb is raw honey in its most natural form.
Why not try raw honeycomb on hot toast (or pancakes). Cut a chunk of comb honey and spread it over the toast. You may have to mash it a bit, but the heat will soften the comb so it flattens into the toast along with the honey. It doesn’t melt, but becomes soft and aromatic.

From Harts Honey (N02, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Cinnamon donut rings: $3 each

We at Dandenong Market just love our donuts. Check out these delicious cinnamon donuts rings from Melina’s Bakery and Larder.

From Melina’s Bakery and Larder (M14, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Pepita’s: $10 a kilo

Pepita’s are the perfect addition to your culinary cupboard. Add to cereals, smoothies or sprinkle over yogurt or porridge. Toss over salads, add to soups or home baked muffins and muesli bars. Combine with dried fruit and nuts to make a delicious trail mix or just pop them in your mouth as is and enjoy the slight nutty taste and goodness.

From Nut Domayne (N03, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Gumnuts: $6.50 a bunch

We can’t help thinking of Snugglepot, Cuddlepie and the Gumnut babies when we look at these delightful woody fruits from the native eucalypts tree. Too cute!

From Petra Flowers (V05, Fruit and Veg)

Hyacinths: $4 a bunch or 3 for $10

Not getting enough sleep? A bunch of hyacinths may be the answer!
It may just be a myth, but it’s thought that hyacinth flowers can provoke sleep and can work as a cure for people suffering with insomnia?

From J & E Flowers (V03, Fruit and Veg)

Hypercum berry flower: $10 a bunch

This beautiful and unique flower with multiple berries on each stem, can be used to create a pop of colour, or as a stunning centrepiece. Hypercum Berries can also be used as part of a wedding bouquet and is associated with inspiration and cheerfulness.

From J&E Flowers (V06, Fruit and Veg)

Gillette Fusion power (8 blades): $28 or 2 for $50 Gillette Machz Turbo (8 blades): $18 or 2 for $30 Gillette Sensor Excel (10 cartridges): $15 or 2 for $25

Gentleman, start your razors! Its International men’s grooming day today, a chance for blokes to get trimming, clipping and spruced up. So, if you’re a man who is proactive about your appearance, then this day is for you!

From Discount House and Beauty (B19, The Bazaar)