Dandenong Market Specials

Market specials available until Tuesday 12 December (prices of fruit and veg/fish may vary throughout the week).
Broccolini: $2.50 a bunch or 2 for $4

Try broccolini which is a cross between broccoli and Chinese broccoli. Broccolini has a milder taste than normal broccoli, with a sweet, almost earthy taste. Broccolini can also be eaten raw or cooked. Add to stir-fries, grill, bake or add to salads.

From Alexander Produce (ST04, Fruit and Veg)

Granny Smith apples: $2.99 a kilo

Created by Maria Ann Smith from a chance seedling found 1868, the popular Granny Smith apple is medium to large in size. With a bright white, crisp texture and a tart yet subtly sweet flavour, this firm and juicy apple is a great all-purpose cooking apple.

From Alexander Produce (ST04, Fruit and Veg)

Red leafed Asian spinach: $1.49 a kilo

With a flavour similar to the green variety, red leafed Asian spinach has a mild sweetness with earthy finish. Red spinach can be eaten fresh or cooked. Try stir frying spinach with garlic, ginger, shrimps, sesame oil and soy sauce. Quick, easy and delicious.

From M&G Fresh Fruit and Veg (S04, Fruit and Veg)

Celery: $1.79 a bunch

With only 10 calories per stalk, no wonder celery is a weight watcher's delight! Stuffed or cut into sticks, they make a delicious snack. Serve with dips, sauces or on antipasto and cheese platters or add to soups or stir-fries as a low-Cal filler.

From M&G Fresh Fruit and Veg (S04, Fruit and Veg)

King Prawns: $29.99 a kilo

With Christmas around the corner, don't forget to stock up on quality Spencer Gulf (South Australia) king prawns.

From MC Quality Seafood (M02-03, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Panettone: $9.99 each

It wouldn’t be the festive season In Italy without this delicious classic sweet loaf bread! Aromatic with citrus and enriched with butter, panettone is traditionally eaten during the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Enjoy served with chocolate sauce or cream or soaked in a favourite liqueur.

From Sam’s Spice and Grocery (M04-06, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Christmas trees (conifer): small: $39 / large: $69

We love this small slow growing upright evergreen tree (Dwarf Alberta Spruce). Ideal as a Christmas tree as they grow to a formal shape without the pruning. Best of all when Christmas is done and dusted, they can be re potted into a larger pot or replanted in the garden after Christmas.

From Quality Plants (Market Square)

Poinsettia: $8 each

These traditional Christmas flowers are also known as lobster flower, Mexican flame leaf or “Flores de Noches in Mexico (Spanish for flowers of the holy night). The shapes of the flowers and leaves are thought to represent the star of Bethlehem.
But did you know that in Australia the poinsettia is artificially coaxed into its flamboyant floral displays for Christmas, preferring to flower in the winter months!

From Quality Plants (Market Square)

Glass bauble terrains: $25

Looking for that unique and special Christmas gift. Crystal Quintessence have a range of beautiful glass baubles filled with a beautiful air plant and crystals. A classy gift to suit any decor. Only $25.

From Crystal Quintessence (C11, The Bazaar)

Range of Jewellery

Looking for timeless pieces made with impeccable quality? Visit Venus Jewellery for a range of sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces earrings and pendants made with quality materials and stones.

From Venus Jewellery (A11, The Bazaar)

Airbrush design baby onesies: From $25

How adorable are these airbrushed designed onesie outfits? Customers can customise Airbrush Planet designs with their own names and favourite colours or provide their own designs and watch as the talented artists airbrush the creations. All Airbrush Planet designs are hand painted. Great as a Christmas gift.

From Airbrush Planet (J05-06, The Bazaar)

Range of Christmas decorations

Make your Christmas a festive one this season with a stunning range of decorations and gifts from Blackmarket Signs and Stickers.
From traditional to modern they have a huge range of tinsel, trees, nativity scenes, ornaments, wreaths, festive tableware, and much much more.

From Blackmarket Signs & Stickers (J14-17, The Bazaar)

Range of Christmas cards: from $2

Ho, ho, ho, can you believe it’s almost that time of year again? Why not save the last-minute rush and stock up on a vast range of traditional, modern, bold or classic Christmas cards?

From Mark E Riseley (D07-08, The Bazaar)