Dandenong Market Specials

Market specials available until Tuesday 24 October (prices of fruit and veg/fish may vary throughout the week).
Asparagus: $1.50 a bunch or 4 for $5

When selecting asparagus look for firm, bright, smooth, spears of uniform size with closed, compact tips. When you snap fresh asparagus, it should be crisp, moist and juicy.
Freshly harvested asparagus is very similar to cut flowers - it needs to be kept in cool, humid conditions. One way to keep asparagus fresher for longer is to wrap it in a damp tea towel, pop it in a plastic bag and store it in the crisper compartment of your refrigerator.

From Rainbow Fruit (R04, Fruit and Veg)

Kensington Pride mangoes: $2.99 each

This popular mango with it rich juicy flesh and unique mango flavour and aroma is an Aussie favourite. The Australian season runs from September to March, with many different varieties available during this time—and as well as being great in any number of desserts, particularly when paired with passionfruit, mangoes make lovely complement to seafood dishes, particularly those with Asian flavours.

From Qalandry Bross Fresh Fruit and Veg (T01, Fruit and Veg)

Lettuce & spinach mix: $8.99 a kilo

Lettuce mix is a real smorgasbord of our most popular lettuce varieties, and although they all look very different, each one is as nutritious as it is delicious, with darker leaves being a good source of beta-carotene, and most varieties providing folate, Vitamin C and dietary fibre.

From Qalandry Bross Fresh Fruit and Veg (T01, Fruit and Veg)

Granny Smith Apples: $1.49 a kilo

The name ‘Granny Smith’ is recognised throughout the world but many people don’t realise that ‘Granny’ was a real person who has become one of Australia’s most famous colonial pioneers. Maria Ann Smith created the famous 'Granny Smith' from a chance seedling in 1868.

From Dandy Fresh Produce (T02, Fruit and Veg)

Piel De Sapo: $3.99 each or 2 for $7

The pielo de sapo melon is also known as the Santa Claus melon.
The melon's sweet flesh lends itself to dessert preparations such as fruit salads, tarts, sorbets and sauces. The flavour of Santa Claus melon also pairs well with cured meats, creamy cheeses, mint, basil, cilantro, citrus juice and zest, fruity olive oil and tomatoes. Perfect for Spring/Summer.

From Dandy Fresh Produce (T02, Fruit and Veg)

Chicken Drumsticks: 4 kilos for only $12

Marinate chicken drumsticks in sweet or spicy sauce, then bake until tender and juicy. They're great as you can serve them hot or cold. Minimal effort, maximum enjoyment.

From Premier Poultry (M07-09, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Get a 10% discount with any purchase over $100 of Edmond's Honey.

How many types of honey can you name? Visit Mobile Honey in Market Square and discover the delicious range of regional honeys: from the You Yang’s to Mallee to Bannockburn to Mildura Orange Blossom.

From Zhi Xin Yang (X01, Market Square)

Halloween cakes: from $45 (taking orders NOW)

Whether its gruesome or grotesque, cast a spell this Halloween with these hauntingly unique Halloween cakes from Melina’s Bakery & Larder.

From Melina’s Bakery & Larder (M14, Meat, Fish and Deli)

Loving Earth Chocolate: $7.50

Vegan, gluten free, cane sugar free, soy free, GMO free, but still chocolate!! Enjoy the flavour of beautiful cacao which gives this chocolate its dark and intense flavour. Delicious organic mint with 72% cacao with peppermint oil and crunchy raw cacao nibs.
Also available in other flavours including cheesecake, salted caramel, raspberry, hazelnut, lemon, and 85% dark.

From Peanut Market (P11-13, The Pantry)

Cornflowers: $5 a bunch

Known as ‘bachelors button’ these attractive cornflower make great cut and dried flowers. For long lasting cut flowers, cut them just before they are fully open, when the centres are still curving inward.

From Indris Zekirija Flowers (Market Square)

Hyacinths: $4 a bunch or 3 for $10

The name of this beautiful flower has gory roots: the name hyacinth is derived from the Greek legend about a young beautiful boy Hyakinthos who was brutally slain as he played with a discus.

From J&E Flowers (V05, Fruit and Veg)

Cushions (Halloween inspired): $10 each

Add some ghoulish fun accents into your home with these creepy Halloween style cushions.

From Melbourne Rug Depot (K03/ G22, The Bazaar)

Halloween trick or treat bags: from $3

Halloween is coming! Will you be trick or treating on October 31? Pick up a range of Halloween merchandise including treat or treat bags, stickers, face paint, temporary tattoos and much more. Make your night Spooktacular!

From Blackmarket Signs & Stickers (J14-17, The Bazaar)

Airbrushed onesies: $30

We just love these way too cute onesies for the little monster in your life. Visit Airbrush Planet to get your unique hand painted personalised onesies. (T-shirts also available.)

From Airbrush Planet (J05-06, The Bazaar)