Winter blooms

Published : July 16, 2018

​Brighten up cold dreary days with beautiful flowers in season now.


Stock is a beautiful fragrant flower which has a spicy or clove like scent. Stock has single or double flowers which adorn a leafy stalk and comes in a wide variety of colours and is popular as a cut flower or perfuming bouquets as a border in the garden. This flower thrives in the cooler temperatures and stops blooming when the hot weather arrives. It is also known as the gillyflowers or Virginian stock and symbolises “a happy life”



This beautiful household plant which produces loads of colourful flowers in various shades of pink, reds or white with an attractive foliage of heart shaped leaves with silver marbling,  is great as an indoor plant in the winter months, or as an outdoor plant. They’re a long- flowering and hardy plant and are available in different sizes. The Cyclamin flowers from April until Spring.


This fragrant flower, also known as “Irish Bell” has a versatile and unique foliage, with tiny white or pink flowers almost hidden within the large green bells (Calyx) on a dramatic spire or stem. Molucca balm is a versatile plant that can be used as a cut flower in an arrangement or even dried. 



This beautiful flower which is derived from the Greek word meaning “Rainbow” due to its wide variety of flowering colours amongst it species.  One of the most popular is the Dutch Iris which comes in shades of Blue, White, Blue or yellow.  This popular flower mainly blooms in winter months and is grown mainly in Victoria and Tasmania.



Flowering Kale which has an exceptionally beautiful foliage with vivid coloured leaves of lavender, white, or a creamy yellow is a popular garden plant that thrives in the winter months and provides much needed colour to a sparse winter garden. This “showy cabbage” holds its brillant colour all the way into spring, but its colour intensifies in the colder months.
Grown in the colder climates of Victoria & Tasmania, Kale is one of the few vegetables regularly used in floristry.