National Burger Day

Published : April 20, 2018

​Sunday 27 May 2018

We're celebrating National Burger Day with a delicious day designed to fill your belly. Here's what we have planned.


Win a year of burgers from The Grill

We're giving away a year's worth of hamburgers from The Grill to one lucky winner! Share with your friends or keep to yourself - the only catch is: you have one year to eat them all.

This competition will open in late April.


Win $500 in Market Vouchers

Grab your burger from a participating trader, and get your passport stamped when you purchase a Franken-burger, then enter and go in the running to win $500 in Market Vouchers.

The more burgers you eat, the more chances to win! Each stamp counts as aseparatee entry.

Just make sure you get your "National Burger Day" passport stamped by each participating trader, then fill in your details and put in the entry box.

Competition only open on Sunday 27 May 2018.


The Chompster Challenge

Instagram sensation and professional eater Chompamatic has designed a towering, teetering cheese-tastic four-patty, three-bun burger for National Burger Day: The Chompster for The Grill. It's so massive we'll give you a trophy just for finishing it. No really. We'll actually give you a trophy if you finish it. Come down and take The Chompster challenge! All you need to do is eat the burger in front of one of our judges to confirm you ate the whole thing by yourself. There's no time limit so take your time!

The Chompster: 3 burger buns, 4 beef patties, 4 cheese slices, bacon rashers, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce.

St John's Ambulance will be on site to ensure your health and safety as you complete the challenge.


Professional Burger Eating Competition

We're inviting professional eaters to participate in a burger eating competition on Sunday 27 May 2018: the first to finish this mammoth eight patty, four bun burger by The Grill will win first prize of $500 (second prize will be $200 and third prize will be $100.)

Details to be released soon. Professional eaters are encouraged to contact to register interest. Details will be uploaded to when confirmed.


The Burgers


The Chompster ($20)

From The Grill (VN5A in Market Square). Love a burger challenge? The Grill have teamed up with Insta-famous burger aficionado Chompamatic to create a four level freak burger featuring 3 burger buns, 4 beef patties, 4 cheese slices, 2 bacon rashers, onions, ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce. Finish it and we'll give you a trophy. No really, we actually will. Come and sit on our Burger Stage and take your time indulging in this obscenely amazing limited edition burger. It's a beast but it can be tamed.

Rhidiculous Kiwi Surf n Turf ($24)

From NZ Street Food (W4 in the Meat, Fish and Deli). This mammoth burger includes four pieces of fried bread with scotch filet steak, mussel fritta, battered fish, slow cooked pork, fried egg, coleslaw, salad, sauce, topped by a battered hot dog.

Indian Stack Burger ($14)

From Thela Indian Street Food (L05 Market Square) featuring rice pancake buns, vegetable samosa, cheese, avocado, your choice of chick pea or lamb keema, tomato chutney and mint chutney, all topped by paui paui shells. Dietary information: vegetarian, vegan (by request), halal.

The Cupcake Burger ($4.50)

From Melina's Bakery & Larder (M14 in the Meat, Fish and Deli Hall). The Cupcake Burger looks just like a real burger, but is all cupcake! The 'bun' is a halved vanilla cupcake and the patty is a chocolate ganache brownie. The 'cheese' and 'lettuce' are icing and the 'sauce' is jam. Dietary information: vegetarian.

Pizza Burger ($15)

From Dandy Pizza (VN7 in Market Square). Because pizza lovers have been neglected in the burger game for two long. Merging two icons of the takeaway scene together, dandy Pizza have created the Pizza Burger with two margherita pizzas as the “buns”, with a beef patty, cheese, fresh sliced tomato, spinach, herbs and a homemade sauce. Dietary information: halal.

The Donut Tim Tam Burger ($2)

From Dandee Donuts (VN1 Market Square) The Donut Burger from Dandee Donuts is as simple as it is delicious. Take a steaming hot Dandee Donut and add, jam sauce, cream and a Tim Tam 'patty' which gently melts into a soft chocolate goo as you eat it.

Donut Ice-cream Burger ($8.50)

From Café Valentina (N1 in the Meat, Fish and Deli Hall). Your choice of Nutella donut, jam donut or custard donut with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream and marshmallows, topped with Hersheys chocolate sauce. Dietary information: vegetarian.

Chicken Satay Burger ($10)

From Sataylicious (W03 in the Meat, Fish & Deli Hall). This original take on the burger features yellow rice buns and chicken stay meat, with cucumber, pickled carrot, peanut sauce and fried shallots. With prawn cracker ‘chips’. Dietary information: dairy free, halal.

Fish & Chip Burger ($10)

From Dandy Burek (VN5 in Market Square). We’re turning fish and chips on its head by creating the reconstructed fish and chip burger with two flake patties and chips with tartar sauce and cheese.

The Churros Burger ($7)

From 18 Grams (VN02 in Market Square). Two delicious patties made of curled churros with a churros ‘patty’ coated in melted chocolate inside.

The Schnitzel Burger ($15)

From Market Tavern (Container 1, The Terrace). Always choosing between a schnitzel and burger? Why not both? The Schnitzel Burger features 2 crumbed chicken parma 'buns', a fried egg, pineapple, beetroot, tomato and lettuce. Dietary information: halal.

The Eggplant Burger ($10)

From Market Tavern (Container 1, The Terrace). The Burger that vegans can eat! This delicious healthy burger features two eggplant slices for the 'buns', tomato, lettuce, beetroot and onion. Non-vegans can add an optional fried egg. Dietary info: vegan (without fried egg), vegetarian, dairy-free, halal.

The Bella

From Perfect Coffee (P10 in The Pantry). Brioche bun with whipped cream, another brioche bun lashed with Nutella, marshmallows and M&Ms.

Crispy Coconut Roti Burger ($12)

From PiqNiqHut (L8-9 in Market Square). Two crispy coconut roti ‘buns’ with tandoori chicken, tomato, cos lettuce, yoghurt and mint sauce. With your choice of fried tapioca chip or pappadum. Dietary information: halal.


The Potato Cake Burger ($8.50)

From Dandelicious Café (P17-18 in The Pantry). No, not a potato cake in a bun. Potato cakes ARE the bun. Yep, two delicious, crispy potato cakes as burger 'buns', with a veggie patty, lettuce, tomato and oozy aioli. Dietary information: halal, vegetarian.

Gummi Burger ($2.50 for a bag of 12)

From Dandenong Market Confectionary (P6 in the The Pantry). Made from sugar, glucose Syrup and gelatin.

The Falafel Burger ($8)

From King Of Falafel (L6, Market Square). This delicious falafel burger is beautifully bright and absolutely mouth-watering. Featuring falafels made from chick peas and broadbeans, lettuce, tomato and pickless. Dietary info: Vegetarian, vegan, halal.

The Kofte Burger ($8)

From King Of Falafel (L6, Market Square). Full of fresh herbs and spices, kofte has always been delicious. Now we've made it even better! This delicious burger from King of Falafel features kofte made from lamb mince, onion, tomato, spice and parsley, and is topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese and your choice of tomato, BBQ or Tahini sauce. Dietary information: Halal.

The BurGembira ($1)

From One Dollar Kueh (U2 in The Pantry). This delicious 'burgembira' features anchovies, cucumber, salad and hot sauce. All in a delicious bun.

Chinese-style Hamburger ($7.50)

From San San Dumpling House (L12 in Market Square). Handmade Chinese burger bun with slow cooked pulled pork, spring onion, coriander and rich-stewed meat sauce. You can also choose handmade Chinese burger bun with slow cooked pulled pork, lettuce, onion and rich-stewed meat sauce.

Lamington Burger ($5)

From Baker Boys (P14 in The Pantry). Two lamington ‘buns’ with a ‘patty of fresg vanilla cream, topped with strawberries and kiwi fruit.

Bagel Burger ($10.50)

From Dandelicious Café (P17-18 in The Pantry). A bagel bun with a fried egg patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayonnaise and onion.

Kebab Burger

From Fat Kebabs (U3 in The Pantry).

Chicken Haloumi Burger ($6.50)

From Why Not? Wooden Bakery (W5 in the Meat, Fish & Deli Hall). Chicken, haloumi cheese, tomato and onion. Dietary information: halal.

Lebanese Sausage Burger ($6.50)

From Why Not? Wooden Bakery (W5 in the Meat, Fish & Deli Hall). Lebanese sausage, haloumi cheese, onion, tomato and sauce. Dietary information: halal.