Meet Petra Flowers

Published : November 09, 2017

​Growing beautiful blooms are Peter's passion.

Known for fresh and beautiful flowers at amazing prices, Peter Malec of Petra Flowers has traded at Dandenong Market for over thirty years, he shares his wonderful story with us.

Moving to Melbourne, Australia from Poland in 1973, Peter started growing flowers as a hobby in the fields surrounding his home. When the fields were blooming with a large range of beautiful flowers, Peter looked for somewhere to sell his flowers to the public.

Starting as a casual trader at Dandenong Market, Peter’s hobby soon became a thriving business, he loved the small friendly environment of the market, but most of all fulfilling his passion of growing amazing flowers and selling them to happy people who traveled far and wide to buy his flowers to fill their homes.

Originally working in the tool making trade as well as driving trucks, Peter’s green thumb skills didn’t become known until he moved to Australia. Peter’s experimentation with growing flowers was a great success from the first seeds and cuttings he decided to plant, his Petra Flowers stall being well known for huge blooms in season, whether its beautiful dahlias or stunning sunflowers.

Petra Flowers stocks in season flowers from exotic orchids to peony roses, Peter supplies only the most freshest and beautiful blooms at great prices.

Visit Peter and his warm happy face at Petra Flowers at V3 Fruit & Veg Hall.