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Meet Pardon my French Crepêrie

After being established at South Melbourne Market and Chapel Street in South Yarra, Pardon my French Crepêrie has now found a permanent home at Dandenong Market. Owner and head crêpe-maker John Milic offers more than 20 varieties of crepes ranging from sweet, savoury, vegetarian and gluten free options. All of John's crêpes are hand made using special cast iron grills created in France.

Crêpes have always been a part of John's life, with his mother teaching him how to make palačinka the traditional Serbian way, in a fry plan. During his travels in Europe and Asia, John noted how popular this European delight was but it was during a weekend away in nearby Lorne when John met a crêpes-maker that his enthusiasm for opening his own crepêrie was born.

John spent time developing his mother’s recipe and used friends and relatives to help fine tune the perfect crêpe. It took 27 versions to find the perfect batter. John's crêpes are made using 40cm non-stick cast iron grills made in France, with no added oil in the cooking process. John wanted to create a crêpe that tasted great on its own, wasn’t too heavy or oily and could be used for sweet and savoury combinations. With his recipes perfected, John sold his crêpes crepeat Preston Market, Camberwell market, South Melbourne Market and Chapel Street South Yarra.

John used each experience as an opportunity to get feedback from various customers to continue testing the most popular toppings. Along the way John learnt that customers like to customise their crêpes – a little crispier, a little less sugar, or more Nutella, and John knowing he was delivering a quality product was happy to accommodate them.

In August 2017, John relocated Pardon my French Crepêrie to Dandenong Market, lured by Dandenong Market’s growing reputation for authentic street food. Making his home in Market Square, John can be found each market day creating made-to-order crêpes with a precise timer to ensure each crêpe is fresh and cooked to perfection. John’s crêpe are already proving a big hit with market visitors.

Some of John's delicious creations include the lamington with chocolate fudge sauce, strawberry jam and desiccated coconut. If you prefer something savoury you might like to try the egg, ham, cheese and chives crêpe. In particular, the gluten free crêpes have gotten the tick of approval from both gluten intolerant and gluten lovers alike.

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