Meet Mr Fleecy’s plus Schoolwear

Published : December 28, 2017

​Uniforms in all colours and sizes are this traders specialty.

Known for supplying high-quality schoolwear in a large range of styles, sizes and colours, discover the story behind Michael Chia of Mr Fleecy's plus Schoolwear and his thirty years of trading at Dandenong Market.

Seeing a wonderful opportunity at Dandenong Market to supply customers with school uniforms over thirty years ago, Michael started his Mr Fleecy's plus Schoolwear stall where he personally made, along with his family, a large range of school uniforms with quality sourced fabrics.

Over the past few years with the introduction of big discount stores, Michael started sourcing ready-made schoolwear, still providing high quality and good prices.

Mr Fleecy's plus Schoolwear supplies school dresses, polo tops, shorts, skorts, track suit pants, jackets, skivvies, shirts and fabrics in all sizes and school colours at competitive prices.

Visit Mr Fleecy's plus Schoolwear at K4 in The Bazaar