Meet David from Don Piero Pizzeria

Published : June 01, 2017

David from Don Piero Pizzeria has been working in restaurants since he was 12...

David from Don Piero Pizzeria discovered his love of food at the age of 12 when he began working at his neighbour’s restaurant on the weekends. His mentor, 76-year-old Italian chef Gabrielle, showed David all the traditional methods of cooking Italian foods including pizza. “I was incredibly fortunate that Gabrielle was willing to share trade secrets and family recipes with me,” David said. “I promised I would never share them and to this day, I still haven’t. My lips are sealed!”

At the age of 16, David started his chef’s apprenticeship at William Angliss Institute, a centre in Melbourne specialising in hospitality, tourism and culinary arts training and education. During that time, David kept his nose to the grindstone and worked as an apprentice in restaurants in Melbourne, including Fiorelli and Georgios in Toorak, and Lions Demian on St Kilda Rd. At 19, David bought his first restaurant, Al Camparino in Carlton, and a second restaurant a few years later, Casa Bella in Preston. In later years, David also operated the highly popular Don Piero Restaurant and Reception Centre.

In recent years, David has opted for a more relaxing job so he could spend more time with his family. Missing his growing children, David decided to open a traditional pizza parlour at Dandenong Market focussed on offering beautiful pizzas at an unbeatable price.

David’s extensive experience has taught him countless tips and tricks for creating the perfect pizza: “the most important thing is to consider the weather outside when making your dough,” he advises.

“How much yeast, flour, and seasoning you put depends on if it is 20 degrees or 30 degrees outside.”

In David’s opinion, the best pizzas are on thin base with minimal toppings “but,” he says, “in Australia most people enjoy pizzas with plenty of toppings.” David strongly believes in the importance of beautiful ingredients and imports Seprano mozzarella from Italy, balisimo tomato sauce from Italy and kalamata olives from Greece.

David also makes his dough every morning, “a lot of restaurants make theirs the night before but as my mentor had told me: ‘never use old stock for a new day’” he says. All the fruit and veg ingredients come straight from Dandenong Market fresh every day, purchased from market trader Alexander's Produce.

At $12 for any family traditional pizza or a slice for $2.90, you can’t beat Don Piero Pizzeria for better value, or delicious, fresh ingredients!

Don Piero Pizzeria is located in Market Square. In addition to pizzas, Don Piero Pizzeria also offer lasagne, spinach and ricotta cannelloni, calzones, risotto and arancini.