Meet Dain’s Fashionable Accessories

Published : December 28, 2017

​Stylish bags, wallets, cases and more...

Known for high quality leather and synthetic bags, wallets, travel goods and a host of wonderful accessories meet Greg Dain from Dain's Fashionable Accessories.

Dain's Fashionable Accessories has been part of Dandenong Market since 1985, after moving from the Ukraine Russia in 1980, Greg Dain first started his business working at the Carribean Markets on Saturdays selling wallets.

When an opportunity opened at Dandenong Market, Greg and his brother started a stall enjoying the busy culture and energy of the market. A keen eye for customer needs and wants when it came to accessories, Greg imported leather goods and bags from all over the world which were very popular with clients, being able to provide them with high quality products at great prices.

Business has grown over the years, as has Greg's family becoming a father to three chldren. Dain's Fashionable Accessories now stocks a large range of quality leather and synthetic wallets, purses, belts, luggage and travel goods, shopping trolleys, umbrellas and other accessories that Greg sources from all over Australia and internationally.

Greg Dain enjoys the bussle of the market, especially busy days meeting people of all cultures and ages, he has a wide range of clientele with many still travelling across Melbourne to stock up on his well priced, high quality goods.

Handbags and wallets are the most popular items at Dain's Fashionable Accessories, with Greg stocking popular styles and designs for men and women of all ages. Childrens back packs, shopping trolleys and lightweight luggage are also popular items Greg has to alwyas keep a full stock of at his stall.

Visit Dain's Fashionable Accessories at A1 The Bazaar.