Full Moon Festival

Published : December 05, 2017

​Sunday 8 October

On Sunday 8 October 2017 (10am – 4pm), discover the many delicious flavours, aromas and sounds of Dandenong Market’s Full Moon Festival. Now in its fourth year, the free festival is a celebration showcasing stunning performances and the best street food from South East Asia.

The Full Moon Festival celebrates the brightest and fullest moon, a traditional Chinese custom that symbolises peace, prosperity and family reunion. At the Full Moon Festival, visitors can delight in a jam-packed schedule of entertainment including the awe-inspiring lion dance and Melbourne’s largest and longest Hong Kong style performing dragon.


Event information

What: Full Moon Festival
Day: Sunday 8 October 2017
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: The Terrace, Dandenong Market, Corner Clow and Cleeland Streets, Dandenong
Cost: Free.
Parking: Parking is free for the event.
Getting here: Dandenong Market is located in the south east of Melbourne and can be accessed via the Monash Freeway (Stud Road exit)  or Eastlink (Dandenong exit). Dandenong market is also a 15 minute walk from the Dandenong train station.



Performances and activities

10:00AM MINDY MENG WANG: Mindy Meng Wang will be performing with the guzheng – a 2500 year-old Chinese zither

10:45AM: MAJESTIC VIETNAM: Stunning traditional dance performance

11:30AM MARTIAL ARTS DEMONSTRATION: Kung Fu performance by Jow Ga Kuen, Melbourne’s first traditional Jow Ga Kung Fu school.

12:00PM TRADITIONAL LION DANCE: Awe-inspiring lion dance featuring 5 lions.

12:30PM KING'S ONLY BBOY: Kings Only B'Boy breakdance performance.

1:30PM TRADITIONAL DRAGON: Melbourne's largest and longest Hong Kong style performing dragon, featuring 20 performers.

2:00PM MARTIAL ARTS DEMONSTRATION: Kung Fu performance by Jow Ga Kuen, Melbourne’s first traditional Jow Ga Kung Fu school.

2:30PM SRI LANKAN CULTURAL ENSEMBLE: SCEA is the largest Udarata and Paatharata dancing team in Australia and New Zealand.

3:15PM SPRINGVALE NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE: Cambodian dance (7 Angel), Mandolin performance, Chinese dance, Chinese Latin dance and group singing, performed by members of Springvale Neighbourhood House.

ALL DAY: Children's craft workshops including lantern making (in Market Square).


Food traders at Full Moon Festival

Limited edition food trucks for the Full Moon Festival include:

BENTO COMING: Delicious and authentic Korean street food including Korean fried chicken, bulgogi beef stir fry, spicy bulgogi chicken stir fry and Korean steak cup in chicken or beef.

FLAMIN SKEWERS: Traditional Cambodian street barbecue. You simply must try their marinated lamb on the spit, mouth-watering BBQ beef ribs and beef salad rolls. Facebook.

INK-REDIBLE CALAMARI: Ink-redible Calamari is a father and son business started up to sell just that: ink-redible salt and pepper calamari! Fresh and delicious! Facebook and Instagram.

J&T THAI CUISINE: Jack and Tracey have been cooking Thai cuisine for over 20 years. Their khaw pad saporod Thai pineapple fried rice is a must, or try their pad Thai or pad kee mow. Facebook.

GOLDEN CORN: Corn-on-the-cob cooked over charcoal and served with lemon and lime juice, chilli or salt. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and halal.

LE RICE CAKE: This popular Vietnamese trader brings about the best in Vietnamese Cuisine: Vietnamese Rice Cake, deep fried calamari, banana sticky rice and BBQ Skewers – chicken, pork and beef & sugarcane juice.

MANDARIN GROCER: The Mandarin Grocer will be selling mooncakes, decorations and other festival must-haves.

SI-KAT PINOY EATSCETERA: Si-KAT Pinoy Eatscetera bring the Philippines right to your doorstep, offering pork or chicken BBQ, aroz caldo, fish balls, squid balls, kikiem and kwek kwek. Facebook.

SQUIDICIOUS: Grilled squid is a popular street food across all parts of Asia, including China, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan. Squidicious serve the whole squid grilled on hot coals and served on a stick, with your choice of spicy or Sweet BBQ. Facebook and Instagram.

SKEWER ME: Skewer Me offer a wide selection of quality grilled-to-perfect skewers, street food style. All skewers are prepared fresh every day, with a delicious homemade satay sauce made on site. Choose from chicken, lamb or pork belly skewers and homemade peanut satay sauce, homemade chili jam, American smoky  BBQ, Chili aioli or tomato sauce. Gluten free options available. Facebook.

TRADITIONAL LEMONADE STAND: Deliciously cool, organic lemonade, made one-site and on the day for maximum freshness and taste. Try a slushie or traditional lemonade with a shot of mixed berries, lime or strawberry All served in cups made from recycled materials.

TWISTA BROS: Classic potato twistas on a stick. Twista bros potatoes are purchased by local farmers, then battered using a secret recipe, twisted around a bamboo stick, fried to perfection, and then seasoned with your choice of ten delicious flavours. Vegetarian, vegan, halal, sustainably sourced and managed menu. Facebook and Instagram.

VIET COFFEE COMPANY: Vietnamese homebrewed ice coffee with a unique blend recipe.

ZERO LAM: Zero Lam will be cooking iconic Japanese street food, Takoyaki and Taiyaki. Takoyaki contains the traditional ingredients of octopus and spring onions. With the taiyaki, there will be a choice of sweet fillings - red bean, custard or chocolate. These foods are cooked-to-order, with skilled hands on specialised moulds, in front of the customer.

Plus 24 world food stalls permanently at Dandenong Market.


Highlights from previous Full Moon festivals at Dandenong Market