Autumn Happy Health Tips

Published : March 05, 2018

​Feel great everyday with these simple ideas.

1. Figs are coming into season right now. Good source of dietary fibre, Vitamin Bs, copper and potassium, which helps to maintain good blood pressure. Add them to porridges, poached, in salads and desserts or enjoy as is. What recipes would you like to see us make?

2. Make the most of your left overs by turning them into a second meal. Try making a quesadilla, using pita pockets and add in left over roast chicken, salads and some cheese. Have it fresh or toasted, perfect for lunch the next day or as a quick after school snack.

3. Get cheesy.  Make your own cheese platter for a perfect night in. According to new studies, cheese and other dairy can guard against teeth cavities. Choose low sugar varieties and your pearly whites will thank you! Enjoy with some in season figs and a nice glass of wine.

4. Here’s the secret to upping your vegetable intake to meet the recommended 5 serves per day. Put three different vegetables on your plate, you’ll eat 28% more vegetables per meal than when you load your plate with the same serving of 1 variety.

5. Did you know having oatmeal (the traditional rolled kind) for breakfast results in greater fullness and lower calorie intake at lunch? Other foods include avocado and lentils thanks to their high fibre content.

6. One orange provides around 70mg of Vitamin C, a cup of strawberries has 85mg, whilst a kiwi has a whopping 137.2mg. And your broccoli has 132mg.  All these are currently in season. Start eating your way to a stronger immune system!

7. Chocolates are good for you, the dark ones that is! The antioxidants in dark chocolate may help reduce blood pressure and heart health. Have it with a small handful of nuts for a great afternoon pick me up.