Online Induction

Online induction training must be completed by all traders and contractors using the Dandenong Market site.

This induction presentation contains essential information which needs to be understood prior to your entry to any work area.  It will also provide you with the necessary information required for our Dandenong Market site.

Important note: you will be required to select the induction training most relevant for you. Please ensure you select the correct induction package:

  • Employees of Dandenong Market should be completely by Dandenong Market management staff
  • Contractors/Suppliers should be completed by any contractors or service providers that attending the site
  • Traders should be completed by Dandenong Market future and present stallholders.

You will need a pen and paper to record your unique login code and password. On completion, you will receive a certificate stating you have completed your induction.

Click here for online induction.